There is nothing better than the view from up here
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle specialists, TopView are now offering their services on an hourly basis to customers that require the Video information which can be produced.
The benefits of using UAVs are many, including reduced cost, less equipment such as dollies and tracks or cherry-pickers and often reduced risk.
Across dozens of industries, way beyond the realm of basic photography, aerial videography offers game changing solutions. The following are some uses and applications:
Wedding Photography: Great for those overhead shots as the bride and groom exit the church, climbing to a higher view of the building and crowd of well-wishers.
Estate Agents: Great shots of the view, relative to the entire building, facades can be appreciated properly and a general overview of the whole property adds to the appeal. This may make the difference that closes the deal, especially on multi agent properties.
Site surveys: Overviews can assist with anything from architectural designs to quantity surveying.
Security Patrols: The use of UAVs means a larger area can be patrolled in less time and at greatly reduced risk. Add infra-red or thermal cameras for images that "see in the dark."
Film Industry: Eliminate the need for dollies or cherry pickers, steady cam operators and helicopters. Overhead, 360 degree and follow shots are simple to produce, and don't require tons of equipment to be lugged to site.
Emergency services: The scene of an incident can be viewed from higher up, to gain overall site analysis whilst keeping personal away from risk. This is of particular importance in fire or emergency situations where danger can be better assessed.
Law Enforcement: High risk incidents and crime scenes can be investigated without risk to personal.